Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Apollo Partnership Trust?

Apollo was the ancient God of knowledge. As the MAT will be a partnership of good academies we all wanted this to be included in the name. It would have been unwise to use a name such as ‘Coalville’ in case a school should wish to join in the future, that is outside of Coalville. Changing the name at a later date involves additional costs legally and changing various official documents, bank accounts, stationery, publicity material etc.

What is a Multi-Academy Trust?
A Multi-Academy Trust is a collection of schools (not necessarily in the same phase) who work together in a single Trust. The MAT is responsible for each of the academies/schools within the trust. Our trust board would be made up from governors from the schools in our partnership and other trustees specifically recruited for their skills. A MAT is directly funded by and accountable to the Department for Education. The Schools are still part of the community and serve children and families in a particular area and retain the same responsibilities as any school as part of the learning community. The Trust is accountable for all of the schools that are a part of it, and through Schemes of Delegation decide which powers are retained by the Trust and which are delegated to individual schools.

Would the admissions arrangements change?
The school’s admissions arrangements are set by the Local Authority, and the LA also decides which pupils should be offered places at our schools. We are committed to these principles and the current admission arrangements would remain in place.

Will our schools change?
We want to continue to be great schools where every child is valued. We therefore do not intend to change except in ways we think will improve the schools even more. For children, it is unlikely that they would see much, if any, change in their day-to-day school lives

What would the changes mean for staff?
Staff would not notice significant changes in their everyday working lives. They already experience and champion the benefits of partnership work and that would not only continue but grow.

Has the Department for Education or the Local Authority put pressure on the schools to form the Multi-Academy Trust?
Absolutely not. This is an initiative taken by the Governing Body of each school after careful consideration.

Would other schools join us and who would make the decision if additional schools join us?
Any decision on additional schools joining our group would be made by the Board of Trustees. We would expect other schools to join as time goes on and any school that joins us would be expected to abide by our vision & ethos and governance structure and to fully contribute to and learn from the other schools.

Would the schools have to change their names?
No, schools would retain their names. What would the group of schools (the Trust) be called? The Trust would be called The Apollo Partners hip Trust.
The trust vision would build on our core ethos and values –we would maintain and strengthen our focus on innovation, high expectations and inclusion.

Who runs a MAT?
The Board of Directors runs the MAT.
The current HeadTeachers will contribute to the leadership of the whole group under the leadership of the Board of Trustees. The MAT structure will be published later in the consultation process. Each school would continue to have its own Local Governing Body (LGB). Above the Local Governing Boards would be The Trust, essentially functioning as one board of Governors overseeing the local boards. They would be the main decision-making group and accountable for all schools within the Trust. The Trust would consist of five Trustees, specifically selected for their skills, tasked with ensuring the m excellence of all schools and delegating powers to.

How can I find out more?
There is more information about MATs on the DfE website