Our Vision and Values

Our vision
We are currently a group of 3 academies, located in North West Leicestershire in the East Midlands, committed to development and improvement through strong collaboration and partnership.

We believe that all our students and pupils should be given the very best chance in life to progress and develop into further or higher education and employment, irrespective of individuals’ own circumstances.

For each of our academies our mission is to deliver:

  • Excellence through partnership and collaboration
  • Excellent teaching and learning for all
  • Exceptional care and guidance
  • Outstanding performance


Our values
Our core focus is the accomplishment and development of each individual student. We believe that this is best achieved through maintaining and developing each academy’s unique identity and individual characteristics.

We encourage diversity and recognise that high levels of success cannot be sustained by adopting a ‘one size fits all’ model. Collectively, we work together to share and co-develop best practice for the benefit of all our academies.


Strategic Development Plan (Draft)

  • To build a Multi Academy Trust with high performing educational outcomes across Coalville and North West Leicestershire that provides educational excellence, social mobility and community development, with a capacity for growth
  • To improve the educational outcomes of all schools within the MAT
  • Provide a structure to support vulnerable and underperforming schools under the leadership of our primary and secondary leads
  • To develop effective and efficient corporate support systems across the organisation providing value for money and clarity of accountability at all levels
  • To develop a common, challenging curriculum that inspires students to achieve and enhances progression through the key stages
  • To recruit, retain and support high quality educational staff, sharing of good practice between schools and develop an efficient and sustainable corporate training and performance system, which ensures capacity for improvement and succession planning, in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan priorities and which effectively tackles underperformance
  • To build an effective partnership that shares resources to improve educational outcomes of young people
  • To ensure that any schools within or joining the MAT are at least good within the period of an agreed action plan


Our students and pupils
We put our students first. We have high aspirations and expectations for all those who attend our academies. Beyond the classroom we provide opportunities to nurture existing talents, as well as opportunities to try new things, enabling our young people to develop a range of skills.

We adopt firm and consistent behaviour policies, ensuring our students learn in calm, disciplined environments. We value our students’ opinions, and engage parents and carers in creating the very best outcomes for their children.

Our staff
Our staff are part of a family of academies. Our large team of educational experts provide support and guidance, and challenge accepted professional thinking. In doing so, we empower our colleagues to enable our students and pupils to meet the highest possible standards.

We have an established framework of core principles and practice to which all our academies subscribe. Our colleagues access the very best professional development and therefore maintain high levels of quality teaching and support.